Because we service mostly juveniles and minor students, we will no longer be able to share the locations of our events or seminars. We will respect all school and administrative privacy policies and or rules in order to continue serving the many many at-risk youths that we are able to serve. We will continue to bring Word In The Hood and it’s positive message to all the youth in need, wherever and whenever the need arises we will bring Truth To The Youth and Bring Good To The Hood.

November 13, 2018: Tennessee

October 10, 2018: Georgia

October 10, 2018: Georgia

October 9, 2018: Georgia

September 28, 2018: Tennessee

September 27, 2018: Tennessee

September 25, 2018: Georgia

September 20, 2018: Georgia

September 13, 2018: Georgia

September 12, 2018: Georgia

September 11, 2018: Georgia

September 7, 2018: Georgia

September 7, 2018: Georgia

August 31, 2018: Tennessee

April 19, 2018: Safe Neighborhoods for All,  Hosted by The Aurora Police Department and East Aurora School District 131

March 2018: Tennessee

February 2018: Georgia

February 2018: Georgia

February 2018: Georgia

February 2018: Tennessee

February 2018: Georgia

February 2018: Georgia

January 2017: Georgia

December 2017: Aurora School District 131: Alternative School

December 2017- Simply Destenee: Simply Destinee is a youth inspired Dance Team that promotes suicide awareness in Memory of Destinee A. Oliva.

We are dedicated to caring for Aurora’s youth and inspiring positive development in their lives, families, and the community, helping overcome everyday challenges. We believe all kids deserve to feel safe, healthy and ready to learn, we are committed to providing the community-based support they need to succeed.

Our kids can express themselves through all different styles of dance like salsa, bachata, merengue, cumbia, hip-hop, swing, waltz and more. We Are Simply Destinee & Music Saved Our Lives!

2009: Georgia

2009-Present: Prison Ministries